(Didactic Division)

Educational Charts

General Physics Charts

Different Physics Charts Covering Various Topics of Physics
  1. Rectifiers
  2. Magnets & Magnetic Properties
  3. Newton's Laws of Motion
  4. Surface Tension & Capillarity
  5. Nuclear Fission & Fusion

General Chemistry Charts

Different Chemistry Charts Covering Various Topics of Chemistry
  1. Manufacturing of Cement
  2. Separation of substances
  3. Physical Properties of Lubricants
  4. Corrosion
  5. Determination of Viscosity of oil by redwood viscometer
  6. Electrolysis

Ecology Charts

Different Ecology Charts, Covering The Various Topics, Printed On Black Ground Rexin, And Fitted With Rollers.
  1. Sulphur Cycle
  2. Phosphorus Cycle
  3. Water Cycle
  4. Food Chain
  5. Environmental Pollution
  6. Land Pollution

Special Biology Charts

Coloured Polyart Plastic Sheet Fitted With Plastic Rollers. Size 100 X 75 Cms.
  1. Diseases of the Eye
  2. Keys to Healthy Eating
  3. Digestive System
  4. Ascomycetes
  5. Virus I (Structure)
  6. Virus II (Replication)