(Didactic Division)

Educational Items

Mechanical Training Model

Highly useful for demonstrating the most fundamental and frequently used mechanism. Very useful for engineering students. All the components are made of high degree of precision. These modules are assembled on transparent perspex sheets to facilitate teaching. Easy to assemble or disassemble.

Spur Gear and Spiral Gear

Action of Cams

For the construction of a unit to demonstrate cam action and the effect of different cam profiles cut from card.

Epicyclic Gear (Sun & Planet Type)

Demonstration Gear System Model

A series of models to demonstrate different gearing systems. With transparent slideplates, the gears may easily be seen and where necessary there is an index on the primary and secondary shafts to show the change in the direction of rotation and the relative speed of rotation. A simple three-speed and reverse-gear system using spur gears. Reverse gear is obtained by interposing a small lay-shaft mounted pinion between the two main shafts. Gear selection is by means of a short ball-ended lever.