(Didactic Division)


Standard Resistance Coils

Having terminals, Each coil is non-inductively wound on insulated bobbins with constantan wire, enclosed in plastic case. Accuracy + 0.1%.
0.1 to 0.2
0.1 to 0.9

Resistance Box, Plug Type

For accurate work, in polished wooden box and panel figured in white. Split brass contact blocks hold precision cut, interchangeable plug having moulded black fluted tops. Coils of constantan wire, double silk covered are wound co-efficient. Accuracy + 0.1%.
Range in Ohms
Total Ohms
No. of Coils

Decade Capacitance Box

High quality standard laboratory tool to fulfill the requirement of different values of standard capacitance. Each dial consisting of 10 steps.

Resistance Box, Single Dial

Housed in metal box with knob and dial fitted. Provided with 4 mm. socket terminals. Accuracy + 1%. 0.1 to 1 Ohms in step of 100 milliohms,
1 to 10 Ohms in step of 1 Ohm
10 to 100 Ohms in step of 10 Ohms
100 to 1000 Ohms in step of 100 Ohms
1000 to 10000 Ohms in step of 1000 Ohms

Decade Resistance Box

This decade resistance substitution box provides 4 decade ranges from 0 to 11110W with a resolution of 1W. Each decade is selected by a rotary switch. Tapping points are provided across each range to allow the unit to be used as an accurate potential divider. All resistance values are + 2% with a rating of 0.25 W maximum per range.

Audio Oscillator

Frequency Range

Operates on
20 Hz to 50 KHz in four switched range plus a fine control Accuracy + 5%.
Sine & Square
Continuously variable from 0-8 Vpp. max.
Output upto 1 W.
220V A.C. 50 Hz

Zener Diode Unit

Mounted on transparent base, with 4 mm. colour coded sockets, with circuit diagram printed for demonstration. Available from 2.7 V to 24 V.

Triode Valve Mounted

Mounted on transparent base, with 4 mm. colour coded sockets, with circuit diagram printed for demonstration.

Triode Valve

For studying the characteristics of a TRIODE VALVE and its practical applications.

Discrete Component Trainer (With Regulated Power Supply)

Lucidly illustrated User's manual unravels analog electronics concepts through brief theoretical reviews followed by experiments, self test questions and exercises. Modularly designed patch panel contains all commonly used discrete components.
It consists of following
  1. Power Supply of +5V, +12V, -12V each of 250 mA (nominal)
  2. Silicon, Germanium diodes, Zeners
  3. PNP & NPN Transistors, FET
  4. One speaker
  5. 12 different values of carbon film resistances & they are of ¼w, ½w & 1 Watt.
  6. 12 assorted values of capacitors from 100 PF to 100 mF.
  7. Integrated Circuits (IC's), Thermistor
  8. LED, LDR, Photo diode, solar cell
  9. Logic switches & LED indicators etc.