(Didactic Division)

Fluid Mechanics

Pascal's Law Demonstration

Pascal's apparatus ; To demonstrate pressure transmission unit, Two graduated glass syringes, pistons having capacities of 100cc and 50cc approx. with a cross sectional area ratio more than 3 to 1, mounted on suitable base.

Pascal's Law Demonstration

Same as above but with Plastic syringes of 10ml. and 50ml.

Boyle's Law Simple Form

Simple apparatus for demonstration of Boyle's Law, graduated, plastic syringe mounted on wooden block and; lubricated piston of the syringe mounted on another platform. Different weights can be stacked on the top and measurement of pressure volume made.

Bourdon Gauge

A circular gauge having overall dia of 100 mm and depth of 40 mm. The dial reads 0 to 50 Lbs / In 2 x 1 & 0 to 3.5 kg / cm 2 x 0.1 actual (total) pressure and the case has clear Perspex.

Pump Plate

Made of aluminium metal, with tube for connection to pump and stopcock for air regulation on central pillar. Mounted on heavy painted tripod base. Diameter of plate 175mm., 200mm., 250mm.

Vaccum Pump

Oil Free Vacuum Pump, Exclusive oil-less construction of piston or diaphragm does not requires lubrication, practically maintenance free, portable light weight die-cast aluminium components. Balanced eccentrics provide smooth, low vibration operation. Built in micro air filter, fitted with metal round plate.
Max. Pressure
Free Air
Motor H.P.
40 PSI
23" of Hg
40 Ltrs/min
(1.4 CFM)
1.8 Amps max.
7.3 kg.

Force Pump on Stand

Approx. overall height x weight (400x150mm). Made of corning glass.

Lift Pump

Height 355mm approx. Made of corning Glass

Magdeburg Hemispheres

To demonstrate pressure of atmosphere fitted with stopcock and handle. Made of steel.