(Didactic Division)

Fluid Mechanics

Magdeburg Hemispheres, Large

Magdeburg nickle plated, 100 mm. dia with non returnable valve and nozzle to connect to vaccum pump.

Bell in Belljar

For use on pump plate not less than 15 cm. dia. Electric Bell operating 4-6 volts AC/DC, suspended on rubber cord in bell jar. Fine coiled wire connections to terminals mounted in rubber bung sealing the jar. Sizes : 9”x6” and 8”x4”

Hope's Apparatus

To show the maximum density of water. Sheet iron cylinder 203x50mm (height x dia.), mounted on a base and encircled midway along its length by a gallery 63x100 mm (height x dia.) Fitted with tubular's to carry thermometers and rubber stoppers.

Expansion of Liquid Apparatus

For demonstrating the different thermal expansions of various liquids. Comparising five bulb tubes mounted in a frame and supported in a water trough. The frame has a special sliding arrangement with clips to hold glass bulbs with tubes. The bulbs can be easily removed and fixed, and have a funnel formation on top for easy filling.

Conductivity Apparatus

Metal rods 150x3 mm. (length x dia.), one each of aluminium, brass, copper, glass and iron, embedded along one side of a metal tank size 150x90x100 mm. (length x width x height).

Thermal Conductivity of Metal Apparatus

Comprising strips of copper, iron, aluminium and brass fixed on wooden ring meeting in the centre, outer ends of the strips formed with small cups.


To demonstrate relative thermal conductivity of brass, copper, nickle, aluminium and iron. A rod of each metal is radially spaced equally on a brass hub. Each of the rod has a cavity at the outer end for holding paraffin. Using the wooden handle, hold the brass hub over a flame, the wax will melt at different times.

Thermal Conductivity of Copper, Searle's Apparatus

Cylindrical Copper rod about 300mm. length 25mm. diameter, one end containing a steam chamber connected to inlet and outlet tubes, other end of copper rod has cavity connected via thermometer pockets to water inlet and outlet tubes. Through two thermometers support tubes 75mm. apart are inserted in the rod for finding the temperature at two points. Fitted in teakwood polished case packed with felt with removable front, without thermometers.

Latent Heat of Steam Apparatus

The apparatus comprises a thick brass calorimeter approximately 90x65 mm. diameter, a bung with steam inlet and outlet tubes, a felt cover, and a 1100 cm3 tinplate boiler with bung to take the steam tube which a connects to the calorimeter.

Convention Tube

To show the convection of heat in a liquid. Glass tube 20mm outer diameter bent into rectangle approx. 380x300mm, fitted with funnel. Made from corning glass.