(Didactic Division)

Fluid Mechanics

Ventilation Apparatus

Comprising metal box, 220x100x165mm. length x width x height, with sliding front, two glass chimney, standing over tubulure at top of box, candle holder fixed top the base of box beneath the left hand chimney. Without candle.


It consists of 12 pairs of Bismuth and Antimony bars joined together is series with insulation between them. The couples thus arranged are enclosed in a brass frame having two terminals connected to the Bismuth and Antimony poles. Complete with nickle-plated brass cone and mounted on an adjustable stand.

Charle's Law Apparatus

Comprising glas U-shape 15mm dia., with one plain limb 220mm long one graduated limb, overall lenght 120mm. Limb graduated 25 to 35 x 0.2ml terminating in a bulb 37mm dia. with third limb 185x6mm (length x bore), jointed at right angles to the plain of the other two. Short length of the rubber tubing with two pinch clips of on short length of glass tubing mounted in end of wide-bo plain limb with rubber bung. With tall farm beaker 1000ml capacity and stirrer. All glass parts made from corning glass.

Calorimeter Copper & Aluminum

With parallel sides and rolled rim, without stirrer.
Dimensions are in mm. 75x50 diameter & 100x75 diameter

Calorimeter Set

A complete set in copper comprising : 1 inner vessel carried on cork supports; 1 outer vessel diameter 1 lid for out vessel with central tubule for thermometer and slit for 1-stirrer.

Heater Immersion

12 volts, 50 watts heater specially designed for use with metal block calorimeter. Electrical connection is via 30 cm. leads with heat resisting insulation, terminating in 4 mm. sockets.

Heater Immersion

Heater Immersion with lid as shown in the picture. Two different colour coded sockets are mounted on a lid. This is an improved model.

Calorimeter Jouli's

For determination of the specific heat capacity of a liquid by the electrical method. The apparatus comprises a nickle-plated copper calorimeter 75x50 mm, fitted with a cork and a heating coil of thin Constantan wire. The resistance of the coil is 6 ohms and the recommended working current is 0.5 A with a maximum of 1A. Electrical connection is by means of a pair of barrel connectors. Supplied without thermometer.


Polished Copper, 75x50 mm. diameter resting on felt pad inside an outer vessel, 100x75 mm. diameter. Outer vessel fitted with detachable cliptype thermometer support. Complete with stirrer.

Calorimeter with Wooden Box

Copper, 75x50 mm., height x diameter, resting on felt pad inside wooden polished box, which is provided with a brass nickle plated thermometer holder, with copper stirrer.

Calorimeter Joule's

For determination of the specific heat capacity of as liquid by the electrical method. Comprises a nickle-plated copper calorimeter 75x50 mm. lagged and enclosed within an outer vessel 100x75 mm. A close fitting ebonite lid is provided with a wire stirrer, and a pair of 4 mm. socket terminals connected to a constantan wire heating coil. The resistance of the coil is approximately 6 ohms and should be used with a current of 0.5A with a maximum of 1A. supplied WITHOUT thermometer. Calorimeter Joule's Thermometer 50x0.1°C, extra for above