(Didactic Division)

Fluid Mechanics

Steam Generator

Cylindrical copper vessel 180x115 mm (height x dia.), with filling tube, steam vent and vertical tube terminating the chute passing through side of vessel. Brass tube, a sliding fit in the central tube, to carry thermometer. Lower end cut at an angle to seal the chute.

Jaeger's Surface Tension

Having a wide mouth reagent bottle fitted with a cork having two holes, in one hole a dropping funnel is fitted. Complete with manometer, capillary tube. All mounted on suitable wooden stand. Without aspirator.

Rising Table with Capilliary tube

The apparatus comprise metal frame, on which four capillary tubes of 10cm. long and of different internal diameters are clamped with the help of small metal brackets. The 9 mm. rod is also attached to metal plate, so that complete clamp can be held in any stand for determining the surface tension of liquid by capillary rise method. Its having a cast aluminium 4" dia table with adjustable stand. Maximum height capacity 12".

Rising Table

Having a cast aluminium 4" dia table with adjustable stand. Maximum height capacity 12". All metal having brass table of 10 cm. dia with three leveling screws. Coarse and fine height adjustment are provided, very superior and an ideal apparatus.

Expansion Apparatus

Comprising two cast-iron uprights, height 18 cm. linked by two nickel plated rods supporting on expansion bar, length 38 cm. fixed to one upright and resting on a friction pointer placed at the other. With scale reading 0 to 90 deg. With one each aluminium, brass and iron expansion bars.

Viscometer Searle's Pattern

It is used for measuring viscosity of very viscos liquids. The outer cylinder can be clamped at any desired height and the inner cylinder is graduated in mms and slot is covered by a transparent cover. Complete with scale pans and releasing pin.

Archimedes Principle Kit

To explain and calculate Archimedes principle. A complete self contained kit for exploring the concepts related to Archimedes principle, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Consists of a metal regular shaped solid, irregular shaped solid, beaker to collect displacement liquid, beaker. Newton meter, displacement vessel.

Guinea & Feather Apparatus

Unevaluated glass tube 50 cms. long, 16mm dia. Made from hard glass, with two rubber bungs, one carrying brass and 40 cm. long pressure rubber tubing to connect to vaccum pump.

Equality of Pressure in Liquids

To demonstrate the equal transmission by liquids of pressure in all directions. Comparing glass flask with holes and glass piston.

Fluid Pressure Apparatus

Demonstrates the phenomenon of transmissibility of fluid pressure. For the same force exerted, pressure is inversely proportional to the surface area. The apparatus comprises of the plated brass cylindrical tubes of different diameters, each fitted with piston and connected to each other through a brass tube at their bottom. Pistons have circular disc at the top for loading masses (masses not included). Complete apparatus mounted on a wooden base.

Torsion Apparatus, Horizontal

The apparatus consists of two parallel metal support rods with heavy cast metal legs at their either end. One of the legs has ball bearing mounted pulley wheel at its outer side with its spindle carrying split collect chuck for holding one end of test rod while other end of the test rod supported to clamping block on the other leg.