(Didactic Division)

Lab Measuring Instruments

Balance Students

A basic general purpose balance for students for ordinary weighing applications. Open construction with graduated beam and extended beam supports. A pair of hangers with detachable pans are included. Finished in durable black enamel with chrome plated fitting or lacquered parts. Mounted on nicely polished, heavy wooden base with leveling screws.
Knife Edges    Agate
Sensitivity      2mg
Capacity                  250g
Diameter of Pan    10cm

Balance Counter

It has equal arms, durable handy and precision instrument commonly used by factories and laboratries for general weighment. Body made of cast iron and pans are of metal die pressed.
Available in capacities: 2kg    5kg    10kg

Chemical Balance

For use in chemists shop and intermediate classes, designed and manufactured for rough handling. Beam with notches graduated for rider use with zero at center. 6 pointarrestment. The beam is raised for working. Knives and planes best quality agate. Pans are of stainless steel concave inwards.

Balance Double Pan, Double Beam

Two pan balance for accurate and rapid weighing up to 2kg. When used with supplementary masses. The balance has a cast alloy base and featured angled beam with center reading poises, magnetic damping, spring loaded zero adjust compensator, precision ground knives and cross braced aluminium alloy beam.

Pan Stainless Steel Dia
0 to 200g x 10gm.
0 to 10g x 0.1gm.
150 mm.
Tare and Rod Optional

Compression Balance, Dial Type, Predestral Scale

Specially designed balance with slanted wide view dial for error free and convenient viewing. Sensitive measurement technique having double spring mechanism provides accurate results for longer life. Structured metal casing with scratch-resistant epoxy coating in various colour combinations, and stainless stelel top pan for long term corrosion free usage. All parts having special anti rust treatment for durability. With zero adjustment.
Available in Capacities: 10kg    25kg

Balance Electronics

Range of simple, accurate, top loading balances, designed for Educational, Laboratory and Industries.
  • Auto zero Tracking
  • g / oz / ct / dwt conversion
  • Large LCD, 6 digits 15mm. high.
  • Low battery Indication

Double Pan Balance, Roberval Type

Well painted, cast metal body with a central knife edge beam made of special hardened steel, tempered and ground to achieve favorable characteristics. A knife edge at each of the beam and supports the suspension system. Beam also has a central index pointer to indicate balancing. Includes a pair of removable stainless steel pans with L/R marked (not interchangeable).
Available in Capacities :- 1kg 2kg 5kg

Lever Balance

This balance has been designed to plug the long felt need for an inexpensive, portable and robust single pan balance of modest size, capable of giving consistent and prompt readings to a fair degree of accuracy. The scale, calibrated in dual range, is in the form of a quadrant, with the changeover in ranges being achieved conveniently using the hinged weight arm provided. The index pointer is of edge reading type, specially designed to avoid parallax errors, which permits the viewing of scale from any convenient position. Leveling screw provided for zero adjustment. Once zero is set in any range, no leveling is needed for zero adjustment while changing range since zeros of both the ranges correspond to each other. The detachable top pan is made of CPSS with a hook at its bottom for specific gravity work and supended weights.

Electronic Balance Analytical

Specially designed balance for Schools, Colleges, Universities.
  • Simple easy flourescent display.
  • Built - in calibration weight.
  • Capacity - 210gm.
  • Readability - 0.1 mg.
  • Stablisation time approx. 5 sec.
  • Senstivity Drift (10°C - 30°C) + 2 ppm/°C
  • Weighing Pan Dimensions 85 mm. dia.
  • Density of solids can also be determined with optional density kit.

Balance, Triple Beam

A single pan low form balance with three beams offers weighing capacity upto 610g, which can be further expanded to weigh upto 2610g when used with supplementary masses, with 0.1g readability and accurate and consistent readings. Additional masses are hung at the end of the beam increasing the capacity up to 2610g and can be stored in the recessed base when not needed to prevent them from slipping or falling. The balance features precision ground pivots and self aligning agate bearing to ensure reproducibility; easy zero adjustment that stays in set position; deep notched beams with center reading sliding poise to ensure correct positioning; effective magnetic damping coupled with appropriate beam capacity reduces oscillation, speeding the weighing process; and easy readability provided by high contrast markings, while and reading device eliminates parallax for convenient determination of precise weight. The heavy cast metal base provides superior stability, making the balance difficult to tip over:
Suppplementary Masses
0-500gx100g, 0-100gx10g, 0-10g x 0.1g
2x1000g, 1x500g
Stainless Steel, 150mm diameter