(Didactic Division)


Rain Gauge Apparatus

Constructed from copper. It has funnel, an inner receiving vessel and an outer body all of copper, and a glass measuring cylinder.

Anemometer, Cup Counter As per ISI

The instrument has a cup wheel consisting of three conical cups in a horizontal plane. The cup wheel spindle is of stainless steel and connected worm gearing to a revolution counter mounted in a water proof housing. By observing the counter reading at the beginning and end of any period of interest the average wind speed during the interval can be calculated. The counter observing window is sloped to permit easy reading when mounted on the mast.

Wind Vane, Balanced

With bearings mounted on steel pivot. Complete with metal base.

Dial Type Room Thermometers

Marked both in Fahrenheit and Centigrade
Plastic Base Mounted Available in Dia 50mm & 100 mm.
Metal Base Mounted Available in Dia 100 mm.

Wet & Dry Thermometer

Comprising two -10 to +50 deg. C thermometers fitted on scale. One thermometer bulb is covered with muslin, which is kept moist by being connected to a reservoir of water. Mounted on a painted, wooden base. With humidity and temperature conversion chart.

Thermometers (Maximum/Minimum)

Six’s pattern, double scale. Range -20° to 120° F x 2° F, spirit or mercury filled. Mounted on wooden polished base with magnet.
Clinical Thermometer : Screen printed stem, enameled back. Range 94°F to 108°F or 35°C to 43°C in plastic case.

Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometer resolution 0, 1 °C; range –50 to 150°C supplied with a temperature probe with cable for digital thermometer support to 150°C

Clinical Digital Thermometer

Same as above, but in compact shape and size, are also available.

Barometer, Aneroid

With 100 mm dial graduated 28 to 31 inch of mercury and 960 to 1060 millibars. With plated bezel, cover glass and index plastic base approx. 16 cm. diameter

Hair Hygrometer

For measuring of relative humidity in air 0-100x 1% r.h. In metal case.