(Didactic Division)

Miscellaneous Labwares

Aspirator Cans, Big, Polythene

Heavy duty cans made of high density polythene. With carrying handle at the top, screw cap and side tap for outlet. Available in different capacities:
  1. 35 Liter
  2. 50 Liter

Bottle Aspirator with Stopcock, PP

Light weight and easy to handle. These bottles are moulded in Polypropylene, which is autoclavable, dependable and have good impact strength providing extra durability to the bottle. The leak-proof spigot is screwed to the bottle body and requires only a half turn to open or close providing quick and convenient dispensing. It is acid and alkali resistant and can be used for storing and dispensing solutions, media and distilled water. Can be autoclaved, when empty, to prevent recurring bacterial growth. Available in different capacities:
  1. 5 L
  2. 10 L
  3. 20 L

Basin Crystallizing, Glass

Borosilicate glass, straight wall with flat bottom, without spout. Can also be used as a small glass through. Size available are given below:
  1. 100 x 50 mm, without spout
  2. 150 x 75 mm, without spout
  3. 190 x 100 mm, without spout
  4. 100 x 50 mm, with spout
  5. 150 x 75 mm, with spout
  6. 190 x100 mm, with spout

Aspirator Bottles

Rigid polythene, medium wall, screw capped with stopcock.
  1. 2.5 Liters
  2. 2 Liters
  3. 10 Liters
  4. 20 Liters

Bottles Reagent

Polypropylene, narrow / wide neck, rigid can be authoclaved leak proof, suitable for universities and industrial laboratories.

Aspirator Bottles Glass

With outlet for stopper. Moulded borosilicate glass.
1000 ml.
2000 ml.
5000 ml.
O.D. X Height
104 x 200 mm.
129 x 265 mm.
190 x 320 mm.

Beakers, Glass, Low Form, Economical

Soda Glass, low form, with spout. Can be used up to 100°C. Available in different capacities given below:
  1. 25ml.
  2. 50ml.
  3. 100ml.
  4. 150ml.
  5. 250ml.
  1. 400ml.
  2. 500ml.
  3. 600ml.
  4. 800 ml.
  5. 1000ml.

Beakers, Glass, Low Form, Borosilicate Glass

Low form, with spout. Available in different sizes given below:
  1. 5ml.
  2. 10ml.
  3. 25ml.
  4. 50ml.
  5. 100ml.
  6. 150ml.
  7. 250ml.
  1. 400ml.
  2. 500ml.
  3. 600ml.
  4. 1000ml.
  5. 2000ml.
  6. 3000ml.

Beakers Polypropylene

Moulded in polypropylene, these superior quality beakers feature excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance, autoclavable, with permanent graduations. Tapered spout facilitates easy pouring out. Available in different sizes are given below:
  1. 25ml.
  2. 50ml.
  3. 100ml.
  4. 250ml.
  1. 500ml.
  2. 1000ml.
  3. 2000ml.
  4. 5000ml.

Bell Jar, Stoppered, Plastic

Made of clear transparent plastic. Size 20 x 10 cm. With stopper, transparent.