(Didactic Division)

Optical Instruments

Intermediate Spectrometer

This is a robust instrument designed specifically for student use which is capable of very high performance. The main structure is of heavy cast metal, with bright plated fittings.
Scale : The 150 mm. diameter circle with protective shield is fixed to the telescope movement and the table is attached to the double ended vernier which reads to 1 minute of arc. Both telescope and table rotation fine adjustment screws, and release of a clamping screws enables adjustment of both movements to be made by hand.
Collimator : Mounted on fixed and fitted with 178 mm. focus achromatic objectives, 25 mm. clear aperture. Also fitted is a unilaterally adjustable slit, 7 mm. long.
Telescope : Mounted on moveable pillar and fitted with 178 mm. Focus achromatic objective, 25 mm. clear aperture. Also fitted is a 8x Ramsden eyepiece and a glass crossline graticule. Both the telescope and collimator have rack and pinion focussing. Means are provided for levelling the axis of both optical units and for squaring them to axis of rotation.
Prism Table : The table is marked with lines to assist placing the prism with respect to the table levelling screws.
RSP-630 Spectrometer 6" circle, 30 seconds of an arc.
RSP-701 Spectrometer 7" circle, 1 minute of an arc.
RSP-730 Spectrometer 7" circle, 30 seconds of an arc.

Standard Reading Telescope with Scale

The telescope is mounted on a specially designed carriage with support ring to stop abrupt falling. The carriage is fitted with two adjustable screws for precise vertical and horizontal positioning. This arrangement is mounted on a 25mm dia. 450 mm long steel pillar, fitted on a cast iron base with leveling screws. A scale holder is provided with scale.

Travelling Microscope

are designed to meet the requirements of Research, Colleges, Schools and Industrial laboratories. They are used for accurate measurement of the diameters of different objects. They are also used in Physics Laboratories for more accurate determination of small variation in the liquid levels, Manometers, the refractive index of liquids as well as in surface tension & viscosity experiments. The travelling microscope consists of a cast iron base with machined vee-top surface and is fitted with three levelling screws, one being fixed the microscopes can travel Horizontally 22 cm. and vertically 15 cms. with the help of slides. Two slow motion knobs are provided for taking accurate readings. Vernier readings 0.01 mm. or 0.02 mm. Microscope tube consists of eyepiece 10x with 15 mm. or 75 mm. Objective . For placing objects on horizontal stage, made of milky cenolite sheet is provided on the base.