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Light and Optics


LIGHT has long captured the fascination of humankind.

Optics has had a long and engaging history; mirrors were known to the ancients, eyeglasses were known by the thirteenth century, and, of course, the telescope was invented by Galileo around 1608.

The magnifying glass is an icon of detective fiction, particularly that of Sherlock Holmes.

And most importantly there’s the ethereal charisma of nature’s greatest beauty, a ‘RAINBOW’, which is formed by the splitting of the component colors of light!!!

Why should light bend upon entering water? Why does light spread out after passing through a narrow gap? How does light travel to us from the sun, through the void of space???

Let us take a closer look at some of these questions—let's shed some light on light!

Let us embark together on an interesting journey, with our wide range of optical instruments that find immense application in your understanding, and provide for a fun, hands-on way for observing and hypothesizing about light and optics.

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